Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recovery - Day 4

Finally feeling like myself today!!

The day after the race I felt like I got hit by a bus!  I am sure that feeling is totally natural and quite honestly I didn't expect any less.  Day 2 - was a little better.  My aches and pains were diminishing and now the, "I need to sleep" phase set in.  I was really, really tired and felt like I could nap soon after 11am.  Note to self: take a day off after a half marathon!!  Day 3 - indeed a lot better.  I could function normally, I actually felt like I might want to run but because of an evening get together of my run club I opted to go eat and socialize rather than exercise.  Day 4 - and I feel really, really good!  Crazy down pour of rain kept me inside to run on my hamster wheel.  I did 5k on the treadmill tonight.  I won't lie, it was tough... especially the last kilometre.  I persisted and finished what I set out to do.  My 5k post half was now done.  YAY!  I'm back on my feet again.  Training for this week will probably look like this:

Thursday - 5k
Friday - 4k
Saturday - 5k
Sunday - 12k

More importantly, I finished my half marathon and I SURVIVED!!!

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