Sunday, November 4, 2012

the definition of crazy...

Signing up for a half marathon three weeks after you just ran one!

Folks, that's me!!  A little ambitious, I will admit, but now that I am home and sitting cozy on my sofa, I'm so glad I ran it.

Originally, the Road2Hope half was my "back-up" race. Just in case I became ill or injured and unable to run the half three weeks ago. You know, it's really tough to sign up for a race and then not participate. Despite my numerous physical ailments ... sore calves, black toe, stiff hips... I decided to pull my "mental self" together and run. And run I did!!! Coming out of it with a PB in the half, I ran it in 1:57:36.

I am stoked! My second half marathon and a sub 2!!! Wow! who would have thought?

I had the benefit of running in very chilly temperatures this morning. For me, that meant my aches were minimized ... when your extremities are frozen it's hard to feel pain.

The race took place in Hamilton, a burb outside of Toronto. The full marathon captured some NYC runners that were faced with a cancelled race. I'm happy they got to run. It was a scenic route, some downhill which was nice for a change. The last seven kilometers was along the waterfront and flat.

As I approached the final kilometer, I was happy to see my sweetie, who also raced the half. Since his times blow mine away he was able to run me in the last 500 meters. That definitely helped give me a little boost.

As I crossed the finish, I looked at the clock and couldn't see any number "2"'s ... I knew that was a good, good thing. So PB at Road2Hope, injuries and all, I will take it!

Adrian and I at the finish...


  1. CONGRATS!!!! I thought R2H was an awesome course and I'm signing up next year for sure. It was actually my first ever half and I managed a 2:04! I'm hoping to sub 2 at Chili ;)

    Thanks for the add on DM

  2. Thanks Ali! It was a great run and congrats on your time, that's AWESOME!