Sunday, February 3, 2013

technology malfunction :(

This morning I set out for my LSR.  It was very cold outside, warm inside ... I wasn't easily tempted to go outdoors, yet, my first race of 2013 is approaching quickly.  I really wanted to give my new trainers a go on the real pavement and see just how long I could run in them comfortably.  I needed this long run.

So off I went, bundled up and ready to run.  I went on my usual route, planning a nice 20K.  As I made it just past the 1K mark my Garmin buzzed, I look down and to my horror... "Battery Low" is strewn across the screen.  I'm set in a panic.  This has never happened before.   I am diligent with charging it but this week I got slack and it had been at least a few days since it sat in the charger.

I contemplated turning back... there was always tomorrow, right?  WRONG!  I have to work on Monday, no time for a long run so I pushed on through knowing my Garmin's life was going to be short lived and my run was ruined... okay, maybe "ruined" is a little strong but definitely not the same.

As I passed the 4K mark then the 5K, I could not stop looking down to see if it was still going.  Indeed, it kept on running, just as I did.  Knowing that it was dying was such a distraction.  I could not run more than 2 minutes with checking my wrist.  I turned a corner making 8K and it was still going.  I started gaining hope that maybe, just maybe I could squeeze in my entire 20K run and it would live.

At just over the 10K mark I stopped briefly to pull out one of my water bottles, took a quick drink and just as I was putting the bottle back in its place I glanced down, the screen was blank. Eeeek!  Now what?  It was too late to turn back.  I had already made half the effort, I wasn't going to pack it in at this point.

I decided I would track the rest of my run on Google.  I knew exactly where I was when it died so I would finish my run and since I knew what time I started I could also track my pace.

I kept on running, kept looking down at my watch.  A few times I even fantasized that maybe it would light back up, turn on, find miraculous life.  No such luck.  It was dead and not coming back.

I tried to figure out which roads I would need to take to make up the remainder of my run.  It's really, really tough without GPS technology.  I made a turn, then ran straight, made another turn.  I was loosing track.  I had no idea how far I had run or how much time I had been out there.

It was cold and windy.  I started to tire.  I saw my street coming up and although I was still a good 3K from home I decided to head on back.  Surely, this had to have been a 20K run,  I was zonked.

I walked in the door, got settled and turned on my computer.  While charging the Garmin, I mapped out the rest of my route.... just over 17K!!! Really????  I could have sworn it was 20K, maybe more.

I couldn't believe that I mis-judged that run by over 3K.  Just goes to show, my little GPS device sure comes in handy.  I don't think running would even be as much fun without it.  We humans, love our technology!

I was a little disappointed but 17K on a cold morning, I'll take it!!!

Lesson learned, charge the Garmin after every run.  I won't be making this mistake again any time soon.  I love tracking my runs and this little mishap magnified that even more.  It's amazing how a little piece of technology can be so cool.

I'm not sure about everyone else but I take great satisfaction in all the little features my Garmin 610 has to offer.  It's been happily charging all day and ready to go on another long run just as soon as I am!!!

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