Saturday, February 9, 2013

one week 'til race day...

February 16th, 2013 will mark the date for my first race of 2013.  I am running the half (13.1) at the Myrtle Beach Marathon races.

Mother Nature has not been kind to me this training season.  I'm not feeling nearly as strong as I should, but then again, I didn't feel all that great at my last race and I ended up killing it!

I am stoked to get out of these brutal temps and into some warmer, not hot, weather.  Rain in the forecast is looming ... fingers crossed that changes as the week progress'.

Packing, playlist and a few taper runs are on the agenda for this week.  I fly out on Wednesday evening and will have two full days to enjoy Myrtle Beach before the race day.  My trip wraps up on Monday evening and I fly out at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning.... just in time to catch Maroon 5 playing in Toronto!!!

I'm excited about running but at the same time a little concerned with my shaky training.  Oh well, I will give it my all and see what happens.  Stay tuned for results and race pics!

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