Friday, December 7, 2012

wow! time flies ...

Has it really been almost a month since my last post?

I suppose now that my two half marathons are over and I am taking a wee rest from races until the new year, I have been a little quiet.

For 2013, I have a few confirmed races in the bucket.  The first one is the Dasani Half Marathon which I will be running in Myrtle Beach mid-February (can you say "yay" for no snow).  The second race will be a toughy ... Around the Bay 30K on March 24th in Hamilton, Ontario.  I have heard this race is harder than a flat marathon because of the hilly terrain the last 10K.  I'm going to give it a whirl anyhow.  I had pre-registered for the Oakville 10K which isn't until April 21st and for some real excitement, I entered into the random lottery for the Nike Woman's Marathon (half) in Washington, DC on April 28th.  The draw is next week and I should find out by email by no later than next Friday.  I am stoked about that and really hope they pick me.  When I first signed up I was a little "ho-hum" about the entire thing but now the buzz of the race and the Tiffany necklace in lieu of a finishers medal -- I'll take it!
I have some other little surprises on the horizon but I will keep that hush for now ... :)

It's going to be a fantastic year.  I can't wait for the nice weather and to get racing again. Praying for a quick winter!!

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